Dog Bark Detector

The Project

A python program that takes in audio inputs through a microphone, processes the sound, and identifies the sound through machine learning(TensorFlow). If the sound is identified as a dog bark, the time of the event, and the confidence score to an online database, and a message will be sent onto the user's phone. This project was developed after my family got a dog, and received complaints from our neighbor, saying that our dog is barking while we were out. By running this program on my raspberry pi, my family and I will tell when our dog is barking, how long he has barked, and get back home if necessary. The greatest obstacle I encountered during the making of this project was developing the mobile application, as I have no previous experience with mobile applications. With the help with my coding teacher, I was able to get the app and the online database up and running, though it was not polished. If I had more time, I would've worked on polishing up my code a little more and troubleshoot some of the errors it receives, and try to make the UI on the mobile application more appealing. I unable to fit my answers to questions #2 and #3 into the video, sorry for the incovenience.


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