See the judges’ favourites

Discover and interact with the projects that stood out to our judges among all the amazing projects young tech creators shared in the online showcase in 2024.

  • Selin Ornek’s favourite projects 2024

    Selin is a 17-year-old multi-award winner and changemaker who has been passionate about using tech for good since an early age. She taught herself to code at age 8 and started building robots at 10. She has built seven robots to date, including the social good robot iC4U, a robot guide dog for visually impaired people, and BB4All, an anti-bullying school aid robot. Her aim is to inspire young people, especially girls, to see the fun and importance of using tech for good.

    Selin Ornek
  • Greg Foot’s favourite projects 2024

    Greg is an award-winning Science Presenter & Producer who has written & hosted a bunch of stuff on TV, YouTube, radio, and stage over the past 20 years. Greg has a weekly BBC Radio 4 show & podcast called Sliced Bread that investigates whether wonder products like face creams & air fryers are indeed ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, or marketing hype.

    Greg Foot
  • Natalie Lao’s favourite projects 2024

    Natalie is the Executive Director of the App Inventor Foundation, a global nonprofit that has empowered 20+ million inventors of all ages to create 100+ million apps to improve their lives and uplift their communities. She received her PhD in ML and AI education from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, and currently serves as Expert on Mission at UNESCO to develop the UN’s AI Competency Framework for K-12 Students.

    Natalie Lao
  • Azra Ismail’s favourite projects 2024

    Dr. Azra Ismail is the co-founder of MakerGhat, an education nonprofit based in India that aims to nurture underserved youth to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. MakerGhat has reached around a million youth to date through hands-on making programs. She is also an Assistant Professor at Emory University, where she directs the CARE Lab (Collective Action & Research for Equity).

    Azra Ismail