Fig O’Reilly’s Favourite Projects from 2021

Fig O’Reilly says “Coolest Projects is an amazing opportunity for young people to celebrate the hard work and creativity of their peers from around the world!”

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  • James Whelton’s favourite projects from 2021

    James Whelton is a coder and entrepreneur. At 16, James gained worldwide recognition for discovering a hack for the iPod Nano. In response to the lack of opportunities to learn computing at school, he co-founded CoderDojo in 2011, a global community of code clubs for young people.

    James Whelton
  • Melissa Pickering’s favourite projects from 2021

    Melissa Pickering is Head of Product at LEGO Education. She has worked in the field of interactive kids’ products for 15 years, from innovating theme parks as a Disney Imagineer to founding an edtech startup.

    Melissa Pickering
  • Colin Furze’s favourite projects from 2021

    Colin Furze is a British YouTube personality, presenter, inventor, and five-time Guinness world record holder, from Lincolnshire, England. Colin's YouTube channel,, has over 10 million subscribers.

    Colin Furze