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Coolest Projects online

Registration is open 14 February - 22 May 2024.

What is Coolest Projects Online?

Coolest Projects is an online technology showcase for young people. It’s an opportunity to share your digital tech projects with the world! Coolest Projects is completely free to join. All participants get certificates and personalised feedback to celebrate their achievement, and exciting VIP judges choose some favourite projects to highlight. There’s also a worldwide livestream on 26 June to celebrate all the incredible entries.

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Who can enter?

  • Any young person up to age 18, from anywhere in the world.
  • Young people can enter individually, or in teams of up to five.
  • Young people over 13 can register their own project, or an adult mentor can register for them.
  • An adult mentor must register projects for young people under 13.
  • All digital making projects are welcome, whether they're beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between.

What can I enter?

  • Almost anything you like! Coolest Projects is a showcase for digital making, so your project must use code, computers, or digital technology in some way.
  • You can make something new or enter a project you’ve already made and are proud of. You can’t register a project you’ve submitted to Coolest Projects before, unless you’ve made significant changes to it.
  • Projects can be registered in one of six categories.
  • We love to see ideas and works in progress - projects don’t have to be complete to be entered.
  • We won’t accept projects that depict graphic violence, harm, or use bad language. See our Community Guidelines.

Coolest Project Online FAQs

How do I enter?

First, you’ll need to create an account, or log in if you have one already. If you’re entering a Scratch project, you can then submit the URL to your project. Make sure you set your project to public and disable comments!

For all other projects, take a short video of the project, showing what it is and the code you used to make it. Upload your video to youtube or vimeo — make sure it is set to public and that comments are disabled! — and then submit the video URL. We’ll also ask you to answer three questions about your project, to be answered in English:
- Why did you choose to make this project?
- What did you find difficult, and how did you work it out?
- What would you do differently next time?

Do I have to enter in English?

We ask that all projects are displayed or presented in English, so our judges can understand them! You don’t have to speak English, you can ask someone to translate, use subtitles, hold up written cards in a video or use an online translator like Google Translate. If you are having difficulty entering in English, email [email protected] and and we’ll try to help you.

What happens to my project when I enter?

We review every single project that’s submitted, and make sure we can see it (set your video or Scratch URL to public!) and that it meets our community guidelines. Once we’ve reviewed your project, it will appear in our showcase gallery for the world to see!

Once registration has closed on 22 May, our team of judges review every project and give feedback. Our VIP judges then choose a few of their favourite projects to highlight in the celebratory livestream on 26 June. Every participant then receives their feedback and certificates!

How will the judges review my project?

Judges review projects based on the criteria of Coolness, Complexity, Presentation and Communication, and Design and Usability. For the Presentation and Communication scores, they will take into account that Scratch projects will be presented differently to projects in all other categories.

Is there an in-person event I can go to?

Coolest Projects in-person events run in some countries. See where we’ll be this year and sign up to email updates to be the first to hear about any new events near you.

If there is an in-person event in your country, you can enter the same project to both Coolest Projects online and the in-person event. We encourage it! If there isn’t an in-person event near you, don’t worry - young people anywhere in the world can enter the online showcase.

Project Checklist

  • I am aged 18 or under.
  • My project is displayed or presented in English.
  • My project is digital, and uses code or computers in some way.
  • I have not registered this project before or I have made a big change to this project since last time.
  • My video shows my project and the code that I used to make it. (Not needed for Scratch projects.)
  • If I am 13 years old or older, I have uploaded my video to YouTube or Vimeo or if I'm younger than 13, I have asked my parents or guardians to upload my video to YouTube or Vimeo on my behalf. (Not needed for Scratch projects.)
  • I have disabled comments on my project.
  • The link to my project is not private, and I have checked that my project can be viewed by anyone.